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New Amsterdam Media, LLC is a leading primary partner for international companies doing business in Los Angeles

New Amsterdam Media, LLC is the touchpoint between investors, companies, and influencers in the virtual and augmented reality, OTT, and digital media sphere.

We deliver strategic consulting to financial, creative, and technology leaders across a range of services including: capital acquisition, relationship brokerage, valuation, business intelligence, competitive analysis, revenue modeling, operational efficiency, project management, positioning, design, and deployment.



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...Given the name Wall Street after a wall built in the 1600s by the colony of New Amsterdam, the seemingly insignificant street would soon come to symbolize the country's financial markets. - B. Mark Smith, Toward Rational Exuberance

Areas of Expertise

Virtual/Augmented Reality

The emergent VR/AR space has far reaching implications, and promises to forever change how we interact with the world. Every sector will be affected: advertising & marketing, construction, training, finance, aerospace & defense, healthcare, real estate, education, travel & hospitality, retail, entertainment, and live events.

In such a fledgling industry, monetization is extremely difficult because of a classic chicken and egg dilemma. Content creators will struggle to create and scale their pipelines without effective distribution modes in place. Conversely, distributors will struggle to generate efficient and scalable platforms without engaging content. Ad revenues alone will not suffice for long. We study history seriously and understand that past is prologue: we have seen this dilemma before with radio, cinema, television, cable, and online. Thus, a central goal of ours is to help clients devise new revenue streams and synergistic models for the betterment of the industry at large. Everyone in the space is gambling. We pride ourselves on making the most quantitatively informed bets, with longstanding, trusted partners.

Whether you are looking to harness the power of VR/AR within your existing business, or are a tech startup looking for consultation, it is our duty to ensure our clients have the strategy, relationships, and competitive edge to excel. 


Over-the-top (ott)

Television has been completely upended by digital distribution in a way reminiscent of the music and book industries. Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and Roku are a few companies that ushered in this profound shift in viewing habits; in effect, they created the "binge!"

These services and others that have followed, continue to accelerate the shift towards on-demand television everywhere! 

Whether you are launching a network or channel, or have engineered an innovative service, we help our clients achieve their goals of maximizing monetization as well as user engagement and retention. We will negotiate winning deals with the perfect partners.


Anything new, anything worth doing, can’t be recognized.
— Pablo Picasso

I invented nothing new, I simply assembled the inventions of others.
— Henry Ford

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